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Cody Bradley

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Cody Bradley is an up-and-coming artists, based out of a small town in middle Georgia, whose roots run deep in old-school country music. His style can be characterized as a new boots feel that is accentuated by his classic country mix.

​His diversity sets him apart, as he can go from soulful melodies to a rock- party vibe without hesitation. His singles “L.A.” and “Kinda Hope We Don’t” show how he can switch from “melodies to pull on your heart-strings” to “let’s rock this joint” from song to song.

Cody puts his heart and soul in every song by ensuring he keeps family and friends in every word and note he writes and sings. His military background makes him rugged but relatable. He just wants to make music to pull people through the tough times and give people something to look forward to everyday!





Management / Agency

Manuel "Marty" Souza